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Begins January 5th, 2024

Ends February 5th,2024

3 Tier NFT Collection

Alumni, Graduate, and Undergraduate Student I.D. NFTs allow for you to chose your participation level and rewards!

Alumni Student I.D. NFT

Alumni is the highest tier of Crypto College membership. They are the core of the community with direct administration access akin to board members or land owners. For members wishing to fully participate in all of CC’s projects and be among the first to be notified of significant information while also being holding a prestigious position within the community.

Graduate Student I.D. NFT

Graduate is the 2nd highest tier of Crypto College membership. These are considered to optimal for daily crypto/P2E users and members who wish to participate in the majority of Crypto College events, activities, and resources. These members will receive priority second only to the Alumni members.

Undergraduate Student I.D. NFT

Undergraduate is the entry level tier of Crypto College membership. These are considered to optimal infrequent crypto/P2E users and members who wish to participate in only a select few of Crypto College events, activities, and resources. These members will receive priority over to the public non NFT holding members.







Alumni I.D. NFT


  • 300 Max Supply
  • Wave Volume: 2
  • Wave Number: 2
  • 30% Chance Of Legendary Trait
  • Wave Price Multiplier: 10%
  • Unlimited $CCC Airdrops
  • Unlimited Founder Access
  • Unlimited Event Whitelist Priority
  • Unlimited Lottery Entires
  • Unlimited P2E Allocations
  • Alpha News/Event Access
  • Unlimited Event Access

Graduate I.D. NFT


  • Unlimited Supply
  • Wave Volume: 10
  • Wave Number: 1
  • 10% Chance Of Legendary Trait
  • Wave Price Multiplier: 10%
  • Limited $CCC Airdrops
  • Limited Founder Access
  • Limited Event Whitelist Priority
  • Limited Lottery Entries
  • P2E Allocations By Trait
  • Beta News/Event Access
  • Event Access By Trait

Undergraduate I.D. NFT


  • Unlimited Supply
  • Wave Volume: 50
  • Wave Number: 2
  • 1% Chance Of Legendary Trait
  • Wave Price Multiplier: 10%
  • No $CCC Airdrops
  • No Founder Access
  • No Event Whitelist Priority
  • No Lottery Entries
  • P2E Allocations By Trait
  • Beta News/Event Access
  • Event Access By Trait


Phase 1: Collect All 10! (Ends 10/08)
Phase 2: HODL For 30 Days Lottery (Ends 11/08)



Future Fest


Monet Society

Royal Chess CLub

Crypto College


Carda Station

Cardano Casino

Crypto College Coin ($CCC)

Crypto College Coin ($CCC) is used as a means of currency within the Crypto College ecosystem and is primed to be Cardano’s 1st True Commodity with 100% of the tokens available at launch!

  • 100% Fair Launch
  • 1,000,000 Total Supply
  • Real World Utility
  • No Dev Allocation
  • Deflationary
  • Airdrops




Easy to follow

User friendly

Trading Center

Follow objective and transparent traders through technical analysis, macro news, and a variety of trading strategies with a wide range of risk-reward ratios.

  • 24/7 Live Stream
  • Variable Risk Strategies
  • Technical Analysis
  • Transparent Portfolios
  • Complete Tutorials
  • Macro News

Gaming Center

Gamers unite under one banner and travel together across both web 2+3 games in Crypto College Guilds using treasury resources to invest and add bonuses to their rewards!

  • Web 2+3 Guilds
  • P2E Competitions
  • Streaming Incentives
  • Entertaining Live Streams
  • $CCC Rewards
  • NFT Delegations


Guaranteed guild spot in both web 2/3 games for boosted rewards!


NFT holders get rewarded for attending and interacting with livestreams and events.


Free To Use


An aggregate of vetted resources are compiled and “loaned out” to members for personal use from everything from software to services.

  • Free Crypto News
  • Free AI Resources and Tutorials
  • Botting Resources
  • Free Media Creation Software and Tutorials
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • PFP/P2E NFT News and Whitelists


Our Activities

With daily, weekly, and quarterly events there is always something to do in Crypto College!

Metaverse Events

Our treasury (library) secures NFTs for limited access events and live streams them for members. These NFTs can often be loaned out as well!

Mint Madness

Mint Madness is 90 day minting event intended to provide all of the popular fundamentals of a PFP NFT project to include whitelists, presales, scarcity, rarity, and lotteries, and rewards.

Token Trading

Event rewards are distributed via the Crypto College Coin ($CCC). This combined with treasury purchases provide members arbitrage opportunities for trading crypto currency.

Land Ownership

Crypto College’s treasury purchases land in various projects like metaverses and allocates the land for use to it’s members!


Our streamers periodically live stream P2E games showcasing strategies, answering questions, and performing giveaways.

Guild Brawls

Our Guild Masters conduct weekly events in various P2E games for rewards. These events are open to the public but only NFT holders may receive $CCC as rewards!

Weekly Livestreams

Our subsidiaries conduct weekly live streams that provide updates on the Crypto College project in an entertaining and gamified way.

Partnership Benefit

Collaborating and partnering with Crypto College can streamline launches, boost your reach, and expand your production quality with a variety of services regardless of your project’s experience.


Our partners may freely participate as sponsors in our quarterly events. Sponsors receive privileged access, reserved whitelists, cross promotion, and generally themed exposure throughout the event.

Graphic Design

Partners may freely utilize our graphic designers for custom announcements, emojis, gifs, icons, logos, and even technical conversions of files. This feature also includes AI generative services.

Video Creation

A wide variety of promotional, educational, and entertaining videos may be created to promote the partnership and/or partner related events that your project will oversee the production as well as have full rights to it’s use.

Tokenomic Analytics

Our analyst will examine both tokenomics and economic systems for stability, exploits, and long term viability along with improvements and recommendations.

Social Media Boosting

Utilizing both botting, analog, and traditional social engineering services, we can assist partners in navigating the various algorithms on social media platforms to increase their exposure and reach.

NFT + Token Services

Our developers can provide a wide range crypto services from NFT/Token creation, registration, distribution, DEX listings, and Launchpad listings across a wide variety of blockchains including Cardano, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, BSC, and more!

Current Collaborations

Shelter Pets

Monet Society


Copper Seed Safe


Carda Station


All: ▲ 33.3%

Social Media Growth

Our guidance and resources can help you navigate various social media algorithms to increase your reach and capture your audience. Join us as a sponsor and your community will gain access to events completely hosted by Crypto College at no cost to you. We can even coordinate and join you on your spaces and represent on behalf of your project (great for non English speaking founders).

Moving Average

+ $2,473.65


Assess various economic strategies for your project using basic economic simulations based on market cap, emissions rates, and anticipated “burn” events.
Design a token economy that will fit your goals based on objective data rather than just trying to emulate other projects. The amount of NFTs / Tokens you mint and how you distribute them matter!

Market Cap

Daily Distribution

+ $530,865

Total: $530,865

Web 3

Whether it be Graphic Design, Video creation, NFT/Token creation, token registrations or listings, we can both guide and complete your Web 3 tasks!
Building a Crypto Project is no different than building an entire business. Ensure all of your boxes are checked by having Crypto College guide you through the process across various chains!

Real time insights and automated reporting

Our platform uses machine learning to provide you with real-time data and insights to help you optimize your strategies and increase your ROI.

  • Automated reporting
  • Data-driven strategies
  • Powerful insights
  • Social media integration
  • Continuous deployment
  • ROI tracking


Conversion rate


Success stories


Pro members


Profit generated

AI Assistant








When was Crypto College Established?
Crypto College was unofficially formed from an Ethereum mining group in November of 2020. As the mining pool grew in size, tutorials and guidance was required to on board new members. Members began researching additional methods to utilize their crypto currency and Crypto College was born. Founding members began exploring blockchains, NFTs, and tokens and reporting back the information.
Why should I join Crypto College?
Participating in crypto projects as a group provides a significant advantage in the market. While many projects offer “community” as a selling point, Crypto College takes it to a whole other level. The custom education content, strict adherence to quality, and high level of scrutiny provides members with curated information isolated from the volatility generally found in Web 3.
Who are the founders?
The founders of Crypto College is Nate (CEO), Erik (CFO), and Chris (CMO). All three founders are public figures with their personal information and appearance publicly available.
What are Crypto College Coins ($CCC) for?
To customize the Dark Mode color palette, navigate to Appearance > Editor and click on the Styles button in the top right corner (light/dark circle). Click Colors, then Palette, and finally the Custom tab. In the Custom section, click the Add ➕ button, select your colors, and give each color a name beginning with Dark Mode, for example: Dark Mode Foreground. Click Done and then click Save to save your changes.

Latest news

$COCK NFT Daily Interview

Crypto College Founder Nate accompanies CEO of $COCK coin on NFT Daily interview answering questions about both $COCK Coin ADA and Crypto College projects.

Mint Madness

A Crypto College 90 day event launches with 10 of your favorite Cardano projects as sponsors. A low price mint NFT collection with 90% of revenue being distributed as rewards ensures a safe, fun, and profitable event for members to engage in to fight off the bear market blues.

Market Recap

Crypto College Founder Erik, host of the Trading Floor, presents a semi-weekly, short recap of the crypto market and targeted coins. Bite sized clips make them a must watch for those who don’t have the time to watch the market.

Mint Madness: Phase 2 Begins

Phase 2 of Mint Madness Begins! While minting is over, you can still head over to JPG.STORE and participate in the 30 day give away. One lucky winner will earn 416 $CCC every day just for holding a Mint Madness NFT Trophy!

12 Days Of Christmas ’23

Celebrate the holiday season with Crypto College’s 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway! Over 500 $ADA Worth of prizes will be given away including 15x Cubic Squad NFTs, 500 $CCC, and a special Live Stream Christmas Special Giveaway! Be sure to follow the instructions and share your address before December 13th to enter!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Official CC Song and Intro Reveal

The official theme song for Crypto College is announced alongside an intro video that will be used for the upcoming YouTube and X exclusive content creation platform.

Crypto College seeks to continually build a collaborative community that aggregates fiscal and intellectual resources and remove barriers in the crypto space that often times present themselves to the entry level-mid level investor/gamer with pooled investing, metaverse land access sharing, and scholarship programs.


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